Wednesday, May 4, 2011


I hope every Christian is preparing to vote in the next election. It is our opportunity to have a voice in our nation's direction, as no generation in the past was so privileged. This opportunity is a gift from God! Many believers are voting Republican because it has already been proven that there is, in the big picture, more morality and more Christians in that party. Also, they stand for more righteousness than any other group.

Now this does not mean that the Republicans are perfect, nor that they are a "Christian" party. It simply means that we have a greater opportunity to have sound and good men representing us in office when the chips are down.

Do you vote expecting perfection? You should not. No one is perfect and we do not expect the Republicans to be doctrinally absolute in their decisions. We are selecting one over another. We are selecting the best among several options of imperfection.

What we do not want:

One in office who comes from a culture that has flaws. We want a European, Reformation cultural background in our leaders. This is how America was founded. We do not want one who does not have in his cultural background a family tree that cannot be trusted. One who is not a Christian (but this will be tough to always find).

We want one in office:

Who is not afraid to express his trust in the Lord. We want a man with experience; one who has been in the military. A man who shows strong male leadership; who can lead men when the "combat" (political or otherwise) gets tough! In the last century, most of our Presidents have been in the military. We want male strength and aggression when it is needed! We want strong men who can lead men!

What I have just written is proven by history. Some who are younger may disagree because they are not aware of history! And they have not seen in experience the rightness of what I have written. We want to base our decisions on fact, historical experience, not on emotional Political Correctness! As a historian I will stand on what I have written!

You get the idea!
—Dr. Mal Couch (5/11)