Tuesday, May 31, 2011


There are a million reasons for keeping out illegals from coming into America. First of all, no nation in the world has such a porous and open border. "Come one and come all!" Second, there is no doubt that the open border opens the way for criminals. But the biggest problem I have is that it is just plain stupid!

When the settlers came to these shores they did not take away land from the Indians. The land was open to everyone. Though it is true, from the Bible we learn that the holding of property is a blessing. And in time, the settlers planted towns and harvested acreage.

The Indians did not have "land" in the sense of a country. The Christian Puritans were not perfect but most of the information we get about those who came here is just plain built upon lies. The Indians started the persecution and we cannot really find out why. At one of the Thanksgiving meals, after the Indians have eaten their fill, they just suddenly turned on their hosts for no apparent reason. The Indians were extremely cruel to their own kind as well. They tortured and killed almost for fun.

But my question to modern illegals is: WHY DON'T THEY STAY IN THEIR OWN COUNTRY AND BUILD IT UP FOR THEIR CHILDREN, as our Founding Fathers did here? The Europeans and Anglo-Saxons who came to these shores did not ask help from anyone. We must understand something: the work ethic of the Reformed Christian Anglo-Saxons is not the same as the Latins! If you don't believe that you do not understand history. You need a course or two in order to get your thinking straight. What I just wrote is not a prejudicial statement—it is fact! I know from whence I speak. I'm a history buff! —Dr. Mal Couch (5/11)