Saturday, May 7, 2011


The last place you would expect compromise would be on the mission field. But it's happening with some missions who are reaching Muslims for Christ. A new translation for Muslims is coming out that leaves out the expression "The Son of God" in reference to Christ. On Mark 1:11 where it speaks of Jesus being "the Son of God," it's changed to "the Messiah." God the Father says, in the new translation, "You are My beloved Messiah, with You I am well pleased."

This is aberrant and heretical theology. "The Son of God" is not the same as "The Messiah" that means "The Anointed One." Christ is the Anointed One as King over Israel; He is the Son of God by His nature and relationship with the heavenly Father. Two different issues. By cutting out Son of God, and using the term Messiah, this is supposed to be less offensive to Muslims who think Son of God means that God had sex with Mary to create Jesus. But of course this is not what this issue is about.

Three terms are used separate in Psalm 2. "The Anointed One" (v. 2), "The King" (v. 6), and "My Son" (v. 7). Each has its meaning and you cannot substitute one with the other.

There is a difference in making an expression clear to improve understanding, and, cutting something out or re-defining it in order to escape a true meaning. Son of God does not mean Messiah. This was done in order to escape the truth!

If you are involved with a mission reaching out to Muslims, you need to find out if that group is part of the folks who are doing the compromising. If so, remove your support.

—Dr. Mal Couch (5/11)