Sunday, February 13, 2011


I saw a commercial a few days ago about a woman in the Army who lost both legs in a combat area in Iraq. She was smiling and was showing that she was proud to have lost her legs while serving her country. While this is certainly a sad story, I kept wondering where were the men who were supposed to be protecting her? And, I thought also that our government told us women were not to be put out in harm's way; why was she so exposed, a future wife and mother!

I ask again, where were the men; where were the John Waynes who give their lives for their homes, their families, their wives, and the mothers of their children?

I'm sure many would say, "Well, Dr. Couch, women now have the right to be wounded or killed for their country. Don't you understand?"

My answer is that nothing has really changed. To protect women is still a mandate for men, the problem is that the mind-set of such women, and of the men in our country, has changed. And this of course does not make it right. We have moved to such a position because of the feminist agenda. And the change came about the same time that it became okay to abort and kill unborn babies, and also to allow for "anything goes," such as the homosexual movement.

Looking at the woman with no legs makes me ask, "But where were the protective men?" How could the younger men in the Army think that this was alright, to so harm and wound a mother or wife, or a future mother or wife? So this generation has no problem with what is happening?

Then expect euthanasia on you, if you are older. It will be permissible to kill you when you get in the way, because after all, the standards in our culture have shifted, and the younger generation accepts this change!

Fifty years ago our entire culture would have been shocked at the killing or the wounding of this young girl even for the cause of her country. This is why men went to war: to spare our families from such wounding and from such terrible sights that these women would be exposed to.

I talk with many men in the military who tell me how things are changing. For example, women are expected to change heavy truck tires just like the men, but of course they cannot do it. (And remember, she is receiving the same pay as the men who can change those tires!) So the officers just put the women onto other duties and don't say anything, and we are told the women are performing equal work—they are not! The women have won legally because no one can do anything about what is happening from the perspective of what is right, and from common sense. Practicality is out the window and we, the public, are being fooled! Too, the men in the military can say absolutely nothing or they would possibly lose their jobs.

Prepare for worse things to happen because the door is open since now both men and women are seen as the same. How foolish! This has never happened in the history of humanity before, but now it is taking place! Our standards used to be higher but now they are in the gutter because of the feminist agenda, secular psychology, and evolution. I hope your young daughter does not join the military! --Dr. Mal Couch (2/11)