Wednesday, February 23, 2011


It can almost be said that the German Army officer, Claus Shank Graf von Stauffenberg, gave his life as a sacrifice for the Jews of Russia. As an elite officer from a special German family, Stauffenberg loved his country but detested what Adolf Hitler was doing to it during World War II. Posted in Russia he saw how Hitler had commanded the death of every Jew the Germans could find as they swept across the steppes of the vast regions of the Soviet Union. The death of God's earthly people caused him to determine to lead a group of officers to attempt to get rid of Hitler in his diabolical leadership of the German people.

Stauffenberg was also a strong Christian. His faith was firm in the Lord of the Bible. Posted from Russia to North Africa, he was badly wounded by American airplanes that attacked his convoy traveling on African roads. He lost one hand, two fingers of the other hand, and also one eye. While mending from his wounds he plotted to get rid of Hitler.

Stauffenberg enlisted the support of a large group of other officers. While attending a meeting with Hitler in a forest retreat, he set a bomb under Hitler's map table. Leaving the room, Stauffenberg escaped the explosion that killed many of the officers though Hitler survived the attack.

Quickly caught, Stauffenberg was murdered by officers who turned against him. Standing before the firing squad, he cried out "Long live holy Germany!" Over 300 hundred officers were killed who were accused of the Operation Valkyrie plot to try to get rid of the Fuehrer. The Gestapo, Germany's secret police, acted fast to rid the Army of all of the plotters. If the plotters had been successful the war may have been shortened by ten months or more.

Only eternity will tell us how many more believing German Christians gave their lives in order to get rid of one of the most evil men in all of history! —Dr. Mal Couch (2/11)