Wednesday, October 15, 2008


  My answer again is, we're moving into the apostasy! Strange things are taking place though we have been warned in Scripture that the last days are coming!
Just a few days ago, Jesse Jackson made a public statement that the Jews will lose power when Obama is elected. It was clearly an anti-Semitic proclamation. This is telling us where his heart is, and, he will have a lot of influence on thousands of others who follow his pronouncements!
  Also, Barack Obama, when asked about taxing those who made $250,000 or more, said that he wants "to spread the wealth around." This is a standard socialistic and Marxist doctrinal philosophy and statement!
  The frightening thing is that those who will vote for him have no discernment as to what this is all about. Andy Woods and I will probably be doing a series of CDs that discuss what the world will be like after the elections! Look for them when they are completed. –Dr. Mal Couch