Friday, October 17, 2008


  The Institute for Jewish and Community Research recently did a study of 25 public school history and geography textbooks as reported in The International Jerusalem Post (Oct. 10, 2008). They found some 500 glaring errors concerning Christianity, Israel, and the Middle East. Researcher Dr. Gary Tobin said that the textbooks cited are used in all 50 states by Millions of school children.
  The inaccuracies and lies are too numerous to number in this article, except to say, that the information leans towards Islam and slams Christianity and Judaism. Millions of kids then will be brainwashed and have no correct knowledge about God's people and what is happening in the Middle East.
The material is being published by some of the largest publishing companies in the world. One grosses 8 billion dollars in sales, and another, about 2.5 billion.
There is no turning back! We are getting closer and closer and our children are being lied to as to world history. What is interesting is that these textbooks have to pass muster with the two biggest states, California and Texas. These books were approved without any objection!
  We are indeed into the apostasy!
  Dr. Mal Couch