Monday, October 9, 2006

The War Now Raging

No one can deny we're in a terrible spiritual conflict. Though that struggle began with the Fall of Adam, the intensity in some ways seems to be escalating. What is also disturbing is that so many believers m Christ are unaware of the issues we face. A friend recently asked a charismatic co-worker what he thought of the doctrine of the apostasy. The man looked totally puzzled and asked, "what is this thing called apostasy? And what does it mean?"
Paul reminds us of the struggle and what is at stake. He writes in 2 Corinthians 10:4-5:
"For the weapons of our conflict are not [physical], but powerful in the sight of God, in order to pull down fortresses. We are destroying rational thoughts and every lofty edifice being raised against the knowledge of God and we are leading captive every intent of the mind into subjection to Christ." 

Philosophies, human wisdom, and knowledge all come against scriptural truth, or the knowledge of God. It is God's Word against the words of men. Of course we expect such opposition from the lost who are held captive by the culture. But what is so tragic, as with the true encounter mentioned above, is believers in Christ are ignorant of biblical truth and God's revelation. 

Despite the darkness we see, Paul offers hope in the verses above. Lenski notes, "To know God, as Jesus states in John 17:3, is life eternal. Here, too, we see how the wrecking is done. The knowledge of God, against which the heights [of the world] are raised. The knowledge of God demolishes them." 

It can never be through the Church Growth Movement, through the soothing words of secular psychology, or the positive but lying words of the New Age, but only by God's words, through His thoughts, can any victories be won. 

Though often defeat looms large before us, Christ wí11 give us the final victory. We should not give up. Though we walk in this physical, we do not war according to the physical. And, it is from the Lord that we receive the approval for what we do.

Ellicott points out that the words in 2 Corinthians are of the struggle of a faithful soldier. 

"We are not carrying on our campaign in the physical. We are attacking the strong defenses of the powers of evil." Until victory, we war with the Word of God as our weapon. We know the final outcome. And we wait for His shout from heaven! Until then we witness, exhort the believer, love the Lord, and teach His Word!