Friday, December 25, 2009


The ignorance and the foolishness marches on! I just heard of this two days ago: A large church had an opportunity to hire as a pastor an outstanding Bible teacher who exegetes the Scriptures verse by verse. But the church, with about 400 members, said no. They wanted a "pastor" type who would read a couple of verses and then do typical Southern Baptist church waxing eloquently and "sermonizing" topically, with pounding and waving of arms and legs. In fact they said, "We've never seen anyone 'teach' the Bible. And, we've never seen anyone explain the Bible verse by verse. And, we're not now interested, 'No thank you!'"

   This actually happened just a few days ago. The ignorance is massive, and the ignorant are so ignorant, they don't know that they are ignorant!

   I knew this could happen, but I was so ignorant about this ignorance, I never thought I'd ever hear of this actually taking place.

   Without the explaining and the teaching of the Word of God there can be no growth and clear understanding of what God is saying to us. Besides this problem, many churches have never heard taught the explanation of the great passages of prophetic Scripture. No one knows whether the Lord is coming or going. Many in Southern Baptist churches play the old game that they are pan-millennialists. "It'll all just pan out in the end!" That is so sickening it's not even funny anymore!

   A true story: While teaching at one of the most outstanding Southern Baptist universities, I heard one of the Bible professors say that he just told the kids to go to the library and find out the different views on the book of Revelation. He did not plan to teach the book in the classroom, because, he admitted, he knew nothing about it! Another professor had an older student get up in class and explain to the students the different interpretative views of Revelation. He admitted, with his doctorate from Southwest Seminary, that he knew nothing about John's final book. (I hope things have changed there a little since then!)

   (I am finishing a book on the coming Millennial Government of Christ. It should be out in about 4 weeks. Many will have never heard about Christ's soon return to establish His Davidic rule on earth!) – Dr. Mal Couch (Dec., 09)