Wednesday, November 11, 2009


The Barack Hussein Obama group joined a U.N. effort, along with many Arab nations, in putting into place a restriction against religious speech. Another freedom was just taken away from you while you slept!

   This resolution, pushed by the Arabs, means you have to be careful of anything you say against Islam, or you could be arrested! The resolution was passed unanimously by European countries and the so-called developing countries, which means mainly Arab nations. If you point out what Islam teaches this could be considered hate speech or blaspheming their doctrines. The good thing about this resolution is that it may be almost impossible to enforce. But Obama probably went along with it to make the Arabs think that he is on their side. This is supposed to push forward pluralism in America and around the world. But that is not how America was founded. We were meant by the founding fathers to have total freedom of speech no matter what the response from others.

   This "law" is being enforced in other nations around the world. In Canada, the human rights commission punished a pastor for speaking out against gays. In Italy, a comedian was under investigation for making jokes about the Pope. In Poland, a Catholic magazine was fined $11,000 for criticizing abortion as being similar to the death chambers of Auschwitz. The Obama administration is joining the world in removing free speech and in crafting a new faith-based speech standard. This is only the beginning. More than likely this law will be given more teeth in order to come against those who hold to the morals of the Bible.

   We are moving deeper and deeper into the prophesied time known as the apostasy. There is no turning back. – Dr. Mal Couch (Nov., 09)