Thursday, November 19, 2009

A Testimonial Regarding Dispensationalism

Dr. Couch, below is a testimonial of what I went through with Preterism.

[Some of what this man wrote, we have condensed for shortening his message.]

Thank you for your kind response to what I wrote last. I am fully convinced that Dispensationalism is the truth of Scripture, however, in the past I believed otherwise. I would attribute my acceptance of Preterism to one main factor: My ignorance of the prophetic Scriptures.

   I did not have a very good handle on biblical truth at the time (which was between 2005-2006), and so was easily led away by false doctrine. It all started when I began studying the books about covenant theologians who continually spiritualized the Word of God. I read several books on Preterism that greatly influenced me. In my readings I moved farther and farther into Preterism until I began accepting their views as a valid theology. At best, I became a partial Preterist.

   I read books by men who said Christ's second coming took place in AD 70, but that His coming was still going on today. As I understand, the Preterist field is in confusion today, with some infighting between full and partial Preterists. I seriously doubt whether many of them are sure of what they believe.

   That said, I appreciate the effort you have put into combating this doctrine. I remained a Preterist for about a year and a half and then saw the light! I have your book "Classical Evangelical Hermeneutics" and enjoyed it quite a bit. One of the chapters led me to acquire Dr. Paul Tan's "The Interpretation of Prophecy." This is one of the greatest books I've ever read! I also have "The Endtimes Controversy." I look forward to more resources!

Blessings on your work,
Brian S.