Sunday, February 12, 2012


How can you make 100 young men, young soldiers, double their strength? You put on the parade grounds 100 your women, virgins, and have them shout and cheer the young men who are marching by. You don't put the young women in the tents or in the sleeping areas with, for example, the young sailors aboard a ship.

What am I talking about?

I have some old documentaries of German troops parading in Berlin before World War II. Thousands of young girls are shouting on the curbs, cheering on the troops as they passed by. This energizes young males like nothing else. Young men love to show off before the young women. It gives them strength and purpose. They will fight bears for the girls. This is now forgotten in America. We put women aboard ships sleeping beside the men--but you know what really happens!

The Bible speaks of the young virgins who cheered for David and his soldiers. When Jerusalem was being destroyed, as recorded in Lamentations, the Bible tells us the young virgins hung their heads. "the daughters of Zion sat on the ground and were silent. They threw dust on their heads, they girded themselves with rough clothing, sackcloth," "The virgins of Jerusalem bowed their heads to the ground" (Lam. 2:10).

Men and women are different. Men need to fight for their women and children. They are carried along when they have a purpose. In America we have become so equal that we are no longer different. The joke is that we pretend that women are the same, are equal with the men in all things; and this is just not so!

Recent articles are telling us that male-ness in this country is being destroyed. Will this be turned around? Probably not. The femi-Nazis have virtually won the war. We are blind as to what the real issues are in the destruction of our culture. Pray for America! --Dr. Mal Couch (2/12)