Thursday, June 2, 2011


They are just now opening up part of the old city of Jerusalem underground near the Wailing Wall. Thousands of visitors will be visiting what can be seen by those who take the time to go underneath the city. Part of the tunnel comes under Arab homes. The Arabs and Muslims have been denying that the Jews ever were in the holy city. But of course they do this in order to get rid of the Jewish presence in the Holy Land.

Back in 1970 I went underground with the archaeologist who was working on the project at the time. His name was Zvi Hoffman, a German Jew from Austria. We became good friends and met every time I went to Israel (23 times). He showed me the digs in the Sanhedrin Room where Christ was tried by the Jewish leadership. He showed me the entrance to the corridor that led into the Holy of Holies. At the time I was to keep what I had seen as a secret. Now visitors can emerge near the entrance to an ancient quarry called Zedekiah's Cave that descends under the Muslim Quarter.

It is no accident that the Jews at this time are finding New Testament evidence of Israel's existence in the digs. God is showing to the world that the land belongs to Israel. However, the hatred is increasing! Especially among the Arabs. The hatred goes back to the early chapters of the Bible. "Pray for the peace of Israel!" —Dr. Mal Couch (6/11)