Thursday, December 23, 2010


God's creation is awesome! There is no way that evolution can really work! Take for instance the lowly katydid. The eggs of this little defenseless creature only hatch every seventeen years. Now how does it know to do that? And, the billions of eggs spread throughout the forest all hatch at once as if by some given signal. And, they do indeed hatch by the billions. They make a little sound that no one can forget hearing during the middle of the summer. After they lay their eggs, all together, within a few days that all die together!

But the story is not over. During their short lifetime every creature in the forest loves to munch on them. It is as if the katydid is the ice cream or candy of the animal kingdom for every species. But the story is still not over! Those that die become the richest fertilizer for all the trees and plants in the forest. In fact, they become the richest fertilizer possible to feed the plants and trees.

God knows what He is doing, and, we are just so stupid that we just don't get it. The little katydids are recycled and are not wasted in the plant and animal world! --Dr. Mal Couch (12/10)