Thursday, September 23, 2010


Please don't be one of those who think the rapture will take place on the Feast of Trumpets. These folks who hold that are sensationalists who believe they've found something the rest of us idiots just don't know about.

   The apostle Paul did not know when the rapture would start. He indicated that it could have begun at any time. And, he thought that possibly he could be included in going up also. Now if that happened then those who think it's going to happen now are really in lulu land. In my opinion such thinking is distracting and is a trivia issue that puts us into the speculation mode that means nothing spiritually. There are those who think they are great mathematicians and have it all figured out. You would need a degree in math in order then to know when the rapture would arrive!

   Please don't gravitate to the sensational. It panders to the flesh and to the intellect but it really goes against Scripture. And besides, the Feast of Trumpets is about Israel and not the church! Please don't be fooled. –Dr. Mal Couch (9/10)