Sunday, June 27, 2010


Claremont School of Theology in California has arrived with the ultimate course of liberal studies. The school is now melding all religions into one big curriculum for graduate students. Taken as religious truth students can study under Muslims, Hindus and other faiths in order to get their degrees. This represents the ultimate of an eclectic study program. And no one at the school sees a problem since all paths lead to God, so they would argue.

   One official said the institution could be "a breeding ground for conflict, but it should be a place where students can develop skills for a multifaith environment, and what better place to do it than with their education at Claremont?" Claremont is a breeding ground but not the kind the school wishes to put forward. In our postmodern world there are no absolutes, so whatever religion you desire, they all are right.

   What I find interesting is that in the fields of science, there are absolutes that we can depend on, but in the field of religion, many or all paths lead to God. There are no absolutes! Take your pick. It amazes me that no one sees this as a problem. The blindness of the modern mind is fascinating to me. But few people get it. More than likely Claremont will lead the way for other multifaith schools, and churches, all coming to the community near you.

   The apostasy is alive and well just as the Bible predicted!   Dr. Mal Couch(6-10)