Tuesday, November 3, 2009


What is happening to us today in America is right on schedule. We are all praying now for God to bail us out, but why should He? Nothing is happening by accident, and, He owes us nothing! Our sins are now coming up before us to roost. We are being judged as one of the many sinful nations of the world. "With great blessing comes great responsibility." But we have forfeited our heritage! Each month thousands of little babies are being butchered by abortionists. Drugs are taking us down into the pit! Without repentance there is no turning back our nation.

   Speaking to many officials who work with the illegal and criminal foreigners who illegally sneak into our nation monthly, they tell me there is no hope. Some have been working with interviewing these criminals for years now, and they are quite pessimistic about the future of our great nation. Our Congress and government officials "just don't get it!" After talking with government officials in Washington and with State senators, they tell me they have no confidence that such officials "will ever see the light." Neither are such officials out to protect our Judeo-Christian heritage.

   Many do not realize it but the liberal National Association of Evangelicals (NAE) is in the dark as to what is happening. That organization supports giving a free ride to the foreign criminals who come to the U.S. illegally. They falsely argue we should support "comprehensive immigration reform" to welcome with open arms such evil people.

   The NAE is completely ignorant to the fact that a large portion of the criminals who sneak over our borders are outright hostile to Judeo-Christian ideals, nor do they know (or care about) how our nation was founded. They are simply focusing on getting their own kind here for a free ride, for free health care, and for making money. Does the NAE see that if America collapses, world evangelism efforts will be severely damaged?

   There is no mandate in the Scriptures for such support. That is not part of our salvation responsibility. We have an obligation to protect our homes, family and children. The officials working with the foreign illegals are telling me that we are committing national suicide. And they should know! They work daily with these people and realize what danger we are facing.

   In early 2010, the Senate and House immigration bills will be introduced. They will open the flood gates to allow these criminals to come in for the free ride.

   Biblical principles, proverbial wisdom, and common sense are all being thrown out the window. We are now living in a fantasy world where there is no more rationality governing our decisions. As many who now work with those coming here illegally believe, we are facing tremendous danger as a nation. But no one is listening to them!

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