Tuesday, November 24, 2009


Recently, an evangelist who reaches Muslims for Christ said "Muslims are our mission field, they are not our enemy." With all due respect, I do not fully agree with him. There is a "yes" and a "no" answer that he needs to address.

   While we should reach them for Christ when given the opportunity, in light of that, we are commissioned to present to them the gospel. But when we are talking about the social nature and structure of America, this is another matter. With thousands pouring into America, who know nothing about our Christian foundation, we are in danger of losing the historical and social structure of the country. Every month that passes, the people in this nation know nothing about the founding fathers, the Christian roots, the European foundation of America. Thus, we will become simply another nation that has forfeited its great heritage.

   To be quite frank, this loss has already begun to take place. Our people some fifty years ago threw away those great facts of history. And because of the evil in the hearts of our educators, we will never recover a knowledge of those beginnings. Our children and young people in our schools and colleges are being stonewalled as to the beginnings of America. So in one sense, we cannot blame the foreigners who are pouring in (including the law breakers crossing our borders).

   We have forfeited and thrown to the wind our heritage, and thus, it is not the fault of the Muslims. Yet, I keep asking, if they dislike our nation so much, why don't they go back home? But be prepared for this nation to be another country in just a few years; it will never again be the same! Remember, our freedoms are based on the foundations of the Bible. They do not have the Word of God as their belief system. They will carry us back to the dark ages! This is a judgment of God. Our country is becoming more and more heathenistic and immoral. And that is our fault! – Dr. Mal Couch (Nov., 09)