Thursday, May 7, 2009


And why? It's the state of North Dakota. This territory became a state in the 1880s. It was founded by Lutheran Norwegians. And even today, about 95% of the 650,000 citizens there are of Norwegian stock. They have the lowest crime rate in the country and the smallest population.

   These folks came to the Dakotas with a strong work ethic, with strong Lutheran Reformation attitudes and doctrinal clarity. They keep their land, keep the roads clean, are extremely friendly, and don't put up with those who want a handout and don't work! Crime is almost unknown and foolishness is not tolerated.

   Contrary to those who are pouring into America illegally, the Norwegians understand our European Reformation heritage. They know the history of this country whereas the illegal foreigners come with a Latin mentality that is completely foreign to the Northern European way of thinking.

   President Teddy Roosevelt fell in love with North Dakota and visited the state often. He made a profound statement that is applicable for us today. He said: "No one can appreciate the blessings of the present without knowing the history of the past." And our illegal foreigners have no clue what made this nation great. Those now coming in do not have the same work ethic, morality, or knowledge of how this nation began! There is no turning back. The judgment is now on us; we will not restore the blessings once given to us! Young Christian families need to consider seriously moving to that state in order to find protection and peace for their children. This is what the Puritans did. They left the immorality and sin of England and came to these shores. They were able to build strong biblical thrifty practices and morality that made America! – Dr. Mal Couch